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Vortex Tube Test Rig

To Find the Airflow Rate using hybrid mulitiple range vortex Tube with different pressure range. Read More...

Twin Cyclinder CRDI Engine OPEN ECU Setup

Northern Lights
Twin Cylinder dual fuel CRDI engine setup to find the combustion and open ECU system. Read More...

VCR Research Engine with Open ECU Setup

Northern Lights
Data : Parameter Bore X Stroke : 87.5 x 110 mm Displacement : 661 cc Rated Capacity : 5B.H.P @1500 RPM when Read More...

PC Based Heat Pump Refrigeration System

Northern Lights
This Trainer used to study the effect of heat transfer co efficient. The Unit Complete Enables Read More...

Computerized Nano Fluids Convective Heat Exchanger

Northern Lights
To find the heating and cooling performance of nano fluids using convective heat exchanger for different applications Read More...

Computerized Hybrid 4-Column Loading Frame

Northern Lights
To find the beam and column structual peformance using hybrid four/two coulmns loadind frame. Read More...

Ball Mill Machine

Northern Lights
To Find Convert the Raw Material to Nano Sample Particles. Read More...

Computerized Four stroke GDI Engine Test Setup

Northern Lights
To Measure and Control the Gasoline direct Injection System using open ECU and Combustion analyzer kit. Read More...

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Project

Northern Lights
To Develop the E-Vehicle Using Solar and Fuel Cell based Battery to Create Zero Emission Vehicle. Read More...

Research Engine using fuel cell & battery development test Rig

Northern Lights
This setup consists of engine to test the fuel cell and battery development Read More...

PC Based Electrolyzer cum Fuel Cell Test Setup

  • Load 15 Amps (Max); Panel consisting of PEM fuel cell test assembly, Electrolyzer, Load Bank, Power Supply, Rotameter, Etc.
  • Hydrogen generation rate : 100 ml per min. (min.)
  • With Flow meters & Digital type indicators for V, A, W, Wh, VA.
  • PEM Single Fuel cell Test Assembly Module
  • PEM Electrolyzer Module
  • Electronic Load Bank
  • Power Supply
  • Rotameters
  • Water Displacement Setup
  • Temporary Hydrogen and Oxygen Storage
  • Valves / Fittings / Tube / Panel

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Servo Controlled 3 Axis Drilling Machine Using PLC

Drilling Operation using PLC

  • Table top mounted 3-axis PLC controlled machined suitable for laboratory Learning Activities.
  • Crosseshead on the beam moves longitudinally (X-axis); driven by reversible AC synchronous motor
  • Complete Gantry structure moves along cylindrical Guideways (Y-axis); driven by 3∅ induction motor (0.75kW, 1400 rpm)
  • The cross hand moves vertically (Z-axis); driven by reversible AC synchronous motor.
  • Main spindle carrying drill bit is mounted on the crosshead; driven by high speed 1-∅ motor.
  • Most suitable for working on lighted metals/materials viz. Acrylic, Plastic, Wood, Aluminium, Copper, Brass.
  • Limit switches are provided to prevent over rides.
Complete machine is controllable by PLC (siemens S7-300, Allen Bradley, Ge-Fanuc, Panasonic)

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VCR Research Engine Setup

Data							:	Parameter
Bore X Stroke					:	87.5 x 110 mm
Displacement					:	661 cc
Rated Capacity				:	5B.H.P @1500 RPM when using High Speed Diesel@CR 17.5:1
Compression Ratio Adjustable from :	5:1 to 11:1 (petrol), 12:1 to 20:1 (diesel) (Extendible up to 22.1 
								when using bio-diesel blends) Compression Ratio Can be  
								continuously varied without changing the cylinder head
Engine Cooling type				:	Water cooled
Fuel Delivery					:	Carburettor / Fuel Injection Pump, Direct Injection, LPG Gas Kit
Ignition System				:	Compression Ignition adjustable
Ignition Coil					:	Ignition timing -50° BTDC to 10.ATDC
Starting 						:	Using induction motor with electromagnetic Clutch

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PC Based Heat Pump Refrigeration System

Compressor Type		:	Closed Type / KIRLOSKAR
Cylinder				:	Single
Discharge			:	0 - 10 LPH
Tube material			:	Copper
Capacity 				:  	1 TR
Refrigerant 			:   	134 a
Outer tube dia			:	6 mm or &frac1/2;"
Pressure drop			:	0.5 kgf / cm2
Condenser 			:    	Air Cooled
Evaporator			:	Water Cooled
Expansion Valves		:	Capillary Tube & Thermostatic; with Refrigerant Flow Meter
Fan  (230 volts 2 Amps)	:	One No ( for Condenser)
Freezer box			: 	Evaporator Unit  consists of a SS Freezer box
Reversing Valve		:	For heating and cooling purpose
Digital Energy Meter	:	Single Phase Energy meter to measure V, A, W, Wh, VA, Power Factor 
Pressure Transducer 	:	0-20 bar
Temperature Sensor	: 	0-99.9°C & RTD Type
Temperature Indicator	:	5 channel
Study				:  	To study effect of heat transfer of coefficient
Data Acquisition Card	:	8 Digital Input & Output and 8 Single Ended Analog Input / 4 Differential 
						Analog Input Software Based on Lab view Software

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Crank angle Encoder

Technical Specifications
Crank angle signal 		:	720x0,5 °C
Speed range 			:	0 ... 12 000 1/min 
Temperature rang 		:	- 40 ... 85 °C
Electrical connection 	:	cable with plug l = 2 m
Weight				:	340g

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Pressure sensor

Technical Specifications
Pressure range 					:	0...100 bar 
Calibration at 200 °C 				:	0...100 bar
Sensitivity (±0,5 %) 					:	40 mV/bar
Frequency range (-3 dB) 			:	0.016...20'000 Hz
Linearity 							:	≤ ± 1 %FSO
Shock 							:	2000 g
Operating temperature range 
Mounting location					:	-50...300°C
Viton cable connection maximum		:	200°C
Short overload <1 h 				:	240°C
Electronics						:	-10...110°C
Supply voltage 					:	7...32 VDC
Supply current						:	6 mA 
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Four Axis Robot

Type						:	RV-4F
Maximum Load Capacity (kg)	:	4
Maximum Reach Radius		:	515
Standard					:	IP40
Oil mist					:	IP67
Clean					:	ISOclass3
Medical Food				:	IP65
Typical Applications
  • Machine Tending
  • Palletising
  • Packaging
  • Pick & Place
  • Deburring
  • Vision ApplicationsInspection
  • Material Handling
  • Dimensional Measurement (Gauging)
  • Assembly (Speedo Meter, Clutch Pack)
  • Automated Screw Assembly

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